IMPACT sports club Grand Opening
  • IMPACT invest more than 60 millions on “IMPACT Sports Club” Fitness Center with International Standard

  •  5 June 2014) IMPACT a number one leading venue and Exhibition Hall here in Thailand has expanded its business line with more than 60 millions Thai baht on the brand new Sports Club with fully equipped Fitness equipment at International Standard. What a luck, IMPACT Sports Club is also receive an honor to have Stephen Koon, a professional world leading coach to join and manage this fitness center. With professional coach and world class fitness, IMPACT expected to recieve a warm welcome as regarded to the growing needs of healthy life style.

     Mr. Paul Kanjanapas Managing Director of IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Co., Ltd started by mentioned that playing sports has been one of “Kanjanapas” favorite activities. We played sports since our dad generations (K. Anan Kanjanapas) together with a former IMPACT Tennis Academy, an International Tennis court that has already existed here continually successes with lots of sport enthusiasts from time to time, I confidence with over 60 million investments we had; “IMPACT Sports Club” will be crowded and successful with sport enthusiasts and those who have a healthy life style.

     IMPACT Sports Club is comprised of 24 Rai with total areas of 40000 square meters, in the back of IMPACT Exhibition Hall providing fully equipped fitness equipments and one stop solution for fitness center. The latest fitness equipments at international levels with stand-by coaches who are able to assist in creating a customized workout session are all available here at IMPACT Sports Club.

     IMPACT Sports Club is comprised of Outdoor and Indoor Tennis Court, 11 Rubber courts and 2 Cray Courts (imported from Europe), Badminton Court and Swimming pool 16*33 Meter, more than 250 classes per month including Cycling class, Yoga class, Aerobic class for women only, TRX, Sauna and Steam, a Restaurant with healthy menus and Free Wi-Fi. This is yet including Fitness services on the 4 layers building on the large areas of 3000 sq meters.

     Having Mr. Stephen Koon, a professional Tennis player famously for his training to many World famous Tennis players around the world to manage and help out Fitness center, we expected to have more sports enthusiast as well as students joining and spend more time here at IMPACT Sports Club, Mr. Paul added.

     Mr. Stephen Koon, General Manager at IMPACT Sports Club, supported by saying with many years experiences of International Worldwide Tennis Players training as well as my commitment to create “IMPACT Sports Club” and “IMPACT Tennis Academy” to be top Asia leading Tennis Academy, I wait no further to join this place. Over 10 years of experiences, I also as well have a good opportunity to lay out plans, the training courses and classes with K.Thanasith, Junior Thai national Tennis player. We once succeeded in producing many well trained Tennis player as such Kamol Buayam, Navakarn Koohnjan and Warachon Rukpuangchon, all Junior National Tennis players already, we are confident that we can repeat those successful steps again.

     Danai Udomchoke is a professional tennis player. Udomchoke turned professional in 1997. His career-best ranking is World No. 7. He added that I trust and believe that IMPACT Tennis Academy would draw lots for national sport players and sport enthusiasts continually. With more than 10 courts of International standard, IMPACT Sports Club will enhance those sport players ‘skills to the next level of their capabilities. I fully confidence IMPACT Sports Club will be an ideal fitness center for all.

  • 05 June 2014
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