First tournament of “IMPACT Super Junior Series 2016” concluded
  • First tournament of “IMPACT Super Junior Series 2016” concluded

  •  The first tournament of “IMPACT Super Junior Series 2016” has concluded. The series of junior tennis tournaments is organized by “IMPACT Tennis Academy”, a world-class training venue for professional tennis players under IMPACT Sports Club, Muang Thong Thani, led by Mr. Stephen Koon, General Manager and the world-class tennis coach who has extensive experience in international tennis tournaments. The first tournament has proved to be a huge success as it has been participated by 200 talented junior tennis players from Thailand and overseas. It also marks another major accomplishment for IMPACT Tennis Academy and highlights the academy’s professional capability for organizing tennis tournaments that are on par with international standards for the first time in Thailand. More importantly, the event provides a chance for junior tennis players to compete together in order to improve their tennis and competitive skills and unleash their full potential. The second tournament is scheduled for July 2 - 5, 2016 at tennis courts, IMPACT Sports Club, Muang Thong Thani.

    First Tournament Results

    10/U Girls Singles
    Winner: Kamonwan Konsila
    Runner-up: Kanchaya Jungwattana

    10/U Boys Singles
    Winner: Nachapol Nattaprasert
    Runner-up: Phumiphat Sukko

    12/U Girls Singles
    Winner: Pattarapa Orachunaka
    Runner-up: Chatcha Klomkamon  

    12/U Boys Singles
    Winner: Brendan Lee
    Runner-up: Thanaphat Boosarawongse

    14/U Girls Singles
    Winner: Pawinee Ruamrak
    Runner-up: Paranat Lamjiaktes

    14/U Boys Singles
    Winner: Thanakorn Srirat
    Runner-up: Tyme Rojanasoonthon

    18/U Girls Singles
    Winner: Nattapat Puebangrak
    Runner-up: Donrawee Toomthong

    18/U Boys Singles
    Winner: Rattanan Siritaworacha
    Runner-up: Natthayut Nithithananont

    14/U Boys Doubles
    Winners: Thanakorn Srirat / Thanakorn Somkaew
    Runners-up: Taentawan Taddeo Maggioli / Tyme Rojanasoonthon

    14/U Girls Doubles
    Winners: Thamonphan Jonglerttrakul / Pattanan Munkongchuensakul
    Runners-up: Paranat Lamjiaktes / Sasanot Suchato

    12/U Girls Doubles
    Winners: Kamonwan Konsila / Lanlalit Busadee
    Runners-up: Chatcha Klomkamon / Sippajaree Chat-anant

    12/U Boys Doubles
    Winners: Rachata Thamcharoensathit / Supaset Sincharoenwattana   
    Runners-up: Brendan Lee / Sky Thawornchaisopon

    10/U Girls Doubles
    Winners: Wirin Ruentawin / Priyakorn Srisuriyaphatkul
    Runners-up: Kanchaya Jungwattana / Pimmada Lim

    10/U Boys Doubles
    Winners: Tadphong Kamonpanyakorn / Sorawit Rodnoi
    Runners-up: Pranbidorn Bua-in / Danunai Poukaesorn

    10/U Girls Singles Consolation
    Winner: Tara Bunnag Phan
    Runner-up: Siriwarang Supiyakul

    10/U Boys Singles Consolation
    Winner: Rachata Thongtip
    Runner-up: Kasidit Reutrakul

    12/U Boys Singles Consolation
    Winner: Phakin Thongbooncharoen
    Runner-up: Techit Matra

    14/U Boys Singles Consolation
    Winner: Pete Sevikul
    Runner-up: Rahat Ongrattanapol

    18/U Boys Singles Consolation
    Winner: Henry Shea
    Runner-up:  Wasan Wichaya

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